Fire Suppression System


The GreenPort Fixed Portable Fie Suppression System is a unique and versatile solution to the requirement for both a fixed self-activating system and a portable manual activation unit.

The GreenPort FST unit can be activated via a heat sensor, a pull station, or removed from the bracket and activated manually to suppress a fire in an alternative location. It negates the need to invest in two separate systems and is effective for spaces up to 100 cubic meters.

The GreenPort Fixed Portable Fire Suppression System uses GreenSol extinguishing technology which was one f the first aerosol technologies developed in the West. GreenSol agent is cast in solid form and contained with the modular GreenPort unit.

Greensol is an extinguishing agent known as powdered aerosol that is discharged from a non-pressurized container, delivering small particles (1-3 microns) floating in inert gases that react chemically and physically on the fire to suppress within seconds. The very fine Potassium particles bind with the free radicals in the room dramatically reducing the temperature and suppressing the fire.

Why choose the GreenPort Fixed Portable System?

The GreenPort Portable Fire Suppression Tool v4 is base on the environment-friendly SFE Powdered Aerosol technology, listed on the EPA Halon Alternatives SNAP list as Powdered Aerosol A. designed for total food fire suppression applications.

The GreenPort FST is a highly effective suppression tool,. suppressing fully developed fires and will prevent flash-over and back-drafts.

The GreenPort FST is recommended for use in buildings and other structures and best used in fully developed fires.

The GreenPort Fixed Portable System is a unique and versatile system that can be activated via a pull station, heat sensor or manually.



  • Offers an extraordinary knockdown as well as fast suppression abilities
  • SNAP listed by EPA (Aerosol A. SFE)
  • Environmentally friendly (ODP 0% GWP 0%)
  • No oxygen depletion
  • Prevents flash-overs and backdraft’s
  • Waterproof
  • Electronic activation
  • Non-Toxic
  • Highly-efficient
  • Suitable against A-B-C-F class fires
  • LED activation notification
  • Emits No Fire or sparks
  • 15-year shelf life
  • 15-year battery guarantee
  • Not pressurized


  • 15 years maintenance free
  • Reliable activation mechanism
  • Improved safety mechanism
  • Electronic ignition and control
  • Improves aerosol distribution
  • Meets MIL STD 810 D


  • Fire Fighters
  • Police
  • First responders


  • A pro-active response by the first-on-scene
  • Providing Effective reduction in response times
  • Making time for crews to arrive and prepare their attack, whilst
  • Not exposing the first-on-scene to any health or safety issues


Total weight 5.200 gram
Volume coverage ≤ 100 m3
Discharge time 30 seconds
Activation mode Electrical, manual activation
Operation conditions -40°C (-40°F) to +54°C (130°F)
Dimensions 330 x 235 x 119 mm.
Fire Classes A – B – C -F


Total weight 5.200 gram
Volume coverage ≤ 100 m3
Discharge time 30 seconds
Activation mode Electrical, manual activation
Dimensions (WxHxL) 330 x 235 x119 mm.
Total Weight 5.200 gram


Ozone Depletion Potential NONE
Global Warming Potential NONE

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