Service & Refilling Facilities - All Type Extinguishers, Gas Based System Etc

The Falcon Fire refilling facility in Dubai,UAE is capable of refilling cylinders for Novec 1230 ,FM200 Systems, all type of Fire Extinguishers, Wet Chemical Fire suppression cylinders ,Nitrogen,Co2 Cylinders etc as well as servicing valves and re-pressurizing, hydrotesting cylinders, powder filling as well.

Additionally, the facility also has allocation for testing and servicing areas for

  1. Fire & Gas detection systems.
  2. SCBA Sets inspection / function test. Cylinder inspection, refilling / hydrotest
  3. Co2 and Clean Agent recharging and replacements
  4. Fire Protection system hoses, valves inspection & testing
  5. EEBD Sets inspection / function test. Cylinder inspection / hydrotest
  6. BA compressor air quality test.



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