Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System

Avenger Systems LLC,USA offers two UL Listed Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems to meet the industry’s varying needs. With Avenger K & Avenger Flex Fire Suppression System you get……

Aerosol Fixed Fire Suppression System

Aerosol Fixed Fire Suppression System

GreenEx Fire Suppression Solutions B.V., The Netherlands is Manufacturer for a unique and extremely effective UL Listed Aerosol Fire Suppression Solutions worldwide. GreenEx is an all-round supplier and ….

Aerosol Potable Fire Suppression Tool

Aerosol Potable Fire Suppression Tool

The NEW GreenPort Portable Fire Suppression Tools (FST) is as a highly effective suppression tool against early stage and fully developed fires. Its unique and versatile solution to the requirement for both portable & fixed…

Clean Agent FM200 Fire Suppression System

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

Avenger Systems LLC,USA offers Avenger 227™,UL Listed an effective Clean Agent fire extinguishing agent that can be used on many types of fires ranging from sensitive electrical equipment to industrial applications using flammable liquids. Avenger 227© does not displace oxygen….

Oxygen Reduction Fire Prevention System

Oxygen Reduction Fire Suppression System

A FirePASS® oxyreduct environment is established by ventilating a room with so-called hypoxic, i.e. oxygen-reduced, air. FirePASS®, used in suppression mode, operates in a fashion similar to other total flooding systems with the goal being to reduce the O2 content of the protected space to the requisite combustion inhibition level. It has the ability to extinguish all class A, class B and class C fires while..

Fire Detection System

Fire Detection System

Avenger Systems LLC,USA is a Progressive and Reliable company that offers superior UL Listed Fire Detection Systems with excellent local support. Avenger Systems is committed to providing you with cost-effective, high-quality Fire Detection solutions….

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We offer an unmatched service for new supply & installation of quality fire protection & suppression solutions in your facilities. All equipment will be installed according to Laboratory Listings, Manufacturer Recommendations, AHJ approvals & standards to ensure the safest solutions for occupants or businesses.

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Our Company is committed to all aspects of Quality, where our main objective is uncontested Customer satisfaction. We believe our product range offers significant advantages to our customers; since we only provide products recognized worldwide. To achieve this objective, we have entered into Exclusive Agreements with the World’s Best Manufacturers and Equipment for Fire Protection.

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We supply and install fire equipment manufactured by global leaders in fire safety.

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We make sure that our operations are compliance with legal and safety standards for the benefit of our staff and our clients

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Our team of engineers and staff are experts in project management and are aware of your company goals and timeline.

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We employ and lead a team of specialized engineers and staff to make the deployment professional as possible.



We have dedicated a team

Our team consists of highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals that are passionate and dedicated to our clients

We cater to wide-range of industries

Our solutions are fit and effective in most mission-critical industries.  Falcon Fire is adherent in international safety standards and local regulations making your workplace safe and productive.

Our maintenance service is top quality

Falcon Fire & Safety Equipment, UAE has dedicated team of Service Engineers to support our customer-base providing full support on all type of fire protection & suppression activities ; for service & maintenance throughout all market sectors.




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We communicate actively and openly. We build trust by honoring our commitments. We show respect for each other and value diversity.


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